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Digital star rises: Virtual avatar takes centre stage in real-world TV drama

Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment Group revealed a groundbreaking development for the Chinese TV show “I am Nobody”: the inclusion of a digital avatar, Leah, as a character in the drama. This innovation is hailed as a significant milestone by the group’s Chief Technology Officer, Zheng Yong, as it marks a pivotal moment in the integration of virtual characters into real-world TV productions. Leah’s role will streamline post-production, reducing special effects time from a month to a mere week, ultimately reducing costs and expediting the filming process. The move underscores the industry’s focus on utilising technology to enhance content delivery while maintaining a natural and compelling narrative. Leah, a proficient digital avatar, has previously collaborated with major IPs such as Netflix and the popular Japanese manga series “One Piece,” showcasing her versatility and adaptability in different creative realms.

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