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The Money Club: Avatar-enhanced digital chit funds transforming financial journeys

The Money Club, a Noida-based start-up, is transforming traditional savings and investment methods by digitising chit funds and integrating avatars into its platform. Utilising innovative AI-powered underwriting and behavioural-based matchmaking algorithms, users are engaged in a gamified financial journey. The platform employs avatars to guide users through various stages, moving from smaller to larger money clubs based on their transaction history and activities. These avatars add a dynamic and interactive element to the user experience, providing real-time analysis, cash flow monitoring, risk assessment, and behavioural insights. As users progress through the platform, avatars facilitate a smooth and engaging transition, making the financial process more accessible and enjoyable. The integration of avatars enhances the safety and security of the platform, promoting disciplined financial behaviour and maintaining a low default rate of just over one percent.

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