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Virtual Reality in healthcare: Transforming patient care and clinical trials

Virtual reality (VR) is reshaping healthcare, offering novel approaches to training surgeons, enhancing patient comfort, and improving clinical trial participation. Studies demonstrate VR’s efficacy in refining surgical skills while mitigating the risks associated with real-patient procedures. Apple’s recent launch of the Vision Pro spatial computing headset has reignited interest in VR’s potential applications in healthcare. Dr. Frank Tsai, an oncologist at HonorHealth, explores VR’s capacity to revolutionise patient consultations, providing a familiar and comfortable environment that enhances communication and engagement. By leveraging VR, medical professionals aim to bridge gaps in clinical trial representation, particularly among underrepresented communities. Despite initial curiosity about VR’s benefits, its tangible impact on patient care, pain management, and therapeutic interventions underscores its promising role in reshaping medical practice and improving patient outcomes.

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