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Fostering MENA creators: Snapchat’s initiatives and tools for sustainable growth

Snap Inc. is actively bolstering its support for creators in the MENA region through new initiatives and tools to foster their growth and financial sustainability. Snapchat’s engagement has soared, with Spotlight hitting over 350 million monthly active users in Q1 2023 and a 200% surge in content watched. The platform offers lucrative revenue-sharing programmes, notably the Stories revenue share and Spotlight reward programmes, empowering creators to generate consistent income. Creators, like Snap Star Aliona Shcherba and lifestyle Snap Star Yazan Abweny, express how Snapchat’s revenue streams have become a primary income source. Enhanced features include the option for Snapchatters to post public stories, expanding creators’ audiences, while updates in Spotlight and Snap Map promote content discoverability and engagement. Bader Al Safar, another content creator, highlights the platform’s effectiveness in engaging with audiences, spotlighting the success of the Spotlight feature in amplifying viewership and rewarding content creators.

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