Where the world of Metaverse becomes Real

Exploring the rise of digital avatars in AI technology

The recent strides in AI technology have ushered in the era of digital avatars, where a person’s likeness is replicated in a digital realm. CGTN’s Chen Yilin explores this innovation, showcasing its impact on daily life. Yilin experiences the technology firsthand, showcasing how advanced AI now creates virtually indistinguishable digital replicas. Powered by deep neural networks, these avatars, like Yilin’s, are generated from recorded data and can convincingly replicate speech and movement. While this innovation offers immense potential in live-streaming and various industries, concerns over misuse, including deepfakes, arise. Regulations have been implemented in China to curb misuse, accompanied by developers’ efforts to safeguard against unauthorised use. The technology’s potential growth indicates a lucrative market ahead, with estimations suggesting China’s virtual avatar sector could reach nearly 40 billion USD by 2030. Yilin concludes with a cautionary note, emphasising the need for vigilance in discerning digital authenticity in an evolving technological landscape.

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