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Groundbreaking study explores virtual reality’s role in men’s testicular health awareness

A groundbreaking University College Cork (UCC) study in partnership with Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) clubs revealed the effectiveness of virtual reality gaming in enhancing men’s awareness of testicular diseases and promoting testicular self-examination. Dr. Mohamad Saab from UCC’s School of Nursing and Midwifery conducted this first-of-its-kind study, presenting its findings at a Men’s Health Symposium. Testicular diseases, especially among young men aged 15 to 44, often go undetected due to a lack of awareness and hesitation in self-examination. Using an interactive VR game, the study significantly improved participants’ knowledge and behaviours concerning testicular health, achieving a remarkable 90% retention rate and a 95% increase in understanding testicular diseases. Saab aims to further deploy this innovative approach nationally to encourage proactive health practices among men. The initiative not only underscores the importance of testicular self-examination but also advocates for seeking medical assistance upon detecting concerning symptoms.

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