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Meta’s avatar push: Animated stickers on WhatsApp for virtual interaction

Meta is continuing its push to integrate digital avatars into its platforms, now introducing animated avatar stickers on WhatsApp. These stickers allow users to include moving, reacting versions of their digital selves in their chats, expanding the use of avatars within Meta’s apps. This move is part of Meta’s broader strategy to encourage users to engage via avatars, aligning them with their digital characters. The company envisions a future where virtual environments are central to interactions, and it is actively working to make communicating through avatars more natural and engaging. Meta has been gradually adding avatar engagement options, such as avatar profile pictures and avatars in video calls, to pave the way for this future. With avatars becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and younger generations accustomed to social interactions within the gaming world, this expansion appears well-suited to future social media usage.

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